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                  From March 28 guided tours of the medieval village of St. Maurus in Almese


                  #ritialpinivalsusa brings together parties and celebrations of six municipalities

                  Agitu Ideo Gudeta

                  Strong Women for the 25th Valsusa Filmfest in memory of Agitu Ideo Gudeta

                  Banner Chantar l'Uvern

                  Chantar l’Uvern 2021: 14th edition online from February 16 to April 22

                  Nuvoleincanto Trio

                  Tea Time Concert, the 20th edition is online from 12 February to 19 March

                  Trail markers in the Park

                  Agreement of the Alpi Cozie Parks with the Municipality of Avigliana for the maintenance of the paths in the Park

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