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Charterhouse of Montebenedetto: opening and exhibition, June 15, 2020

At Charterhouse of Montebenedetto for the whole summer exhibitions of drawing, photography, nature and culture.

From June 14 to June 28 collective exhibition "In nature ... with art", curated by Art and Arts School of Drawing and Painting of Bussoleno.

From June 29 ...

La Romanza del Riccio literary competition, this year's theme is "The journey", May 22, 2019

6th edition of La Romanza del Riccio literary competition. 

Information: biblioteca@comune.villarfocchiardo.to.it - tel. 3407718464 - 3384191435.

Literary competition "La Romanza del Riccio", April 20, 2016

3th edition of literary competition La Romanza del Riccio”, dedicated to to short stories and comics. 

The title - to free interpretation - this year is "Water". 

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Presentation of a book in Villar Focchiardo, Oct. 3, 2020 - Oct. 3, 2020

At 10:00 am at the conference hall of Cascina Roland presentation of the new historical artistic guide about the Charterhouses of Monte Benedetto and Banda.