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Certosa di Avigliana, Avigliana

Halfway up the mountain leading to the Sacra di San Michele is the Convent of Saint Francis, known as Certosa1515. It is built around a church, consecrated in 1521, and still retains part of frescoes to the early sixteenth century ...

Cappella di Notre Dame del Coignet, Bardonecchia

The chapel’s inside is decorated with scenes of the life of the Virgin and Saints, while on the outside façade presents the Announciation, St. Christopher and St. Anthony Abbot or St. Jerome. The frescos are dated between 1496 and 1530.

Chiesa di San Pietro, Avigliana

The church of St. Peter maintains several cycles of frescos with complex and fascinating layers dated between the 11th and 15th Century. The cycles in the apse made by the 14th Century master of Tommaso d’Acaia, are particularly important.

Cappella Santa Maria Maddalena e Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, Bardonecchia

The chapel dates back to the first half of fifteenth Century. It hosts a sixteenth Century fresco cycle representing the history of the life and martyrization of Saint Catherine from Alexandria. The figures of Saint Mary the Magdalene and Saint ...

Cappella dei SS. Andrea e Giacomo di Horres, Bardonecchia

The chapel shows on the outside the ride of Vices and Virtues, and indoor the lives of SS. Andrew and James, dating between the late 15th and the first quarter of the 16th Century.

Cappella di San Sisto di Melezet, Bardonecchia

The chapel of St. Sisto presents on the façade the Last Judgment, while the inside hosts scenes of the life of St. Sisto, the Crucifixion, the Annunciation, St. Christopher and St. Sebastian painted between the end of 15th and the ...

Chiesa di San Pietro apostolo di Rochemolles, Bardonecchia

The church, dating from the 13th Century, was rebuilt in the 15th. Inside there are frescoes of the early 16th Century with the Annunciation and scenes from the life of St. Sebastian, St. Apollonia, S. Sisto.