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Sentiero dei Franchi
Itinerario 1 - The Abbey of San Michele and the Abbey of Novalesa

The abbey of San Michele della Chiusa, so-called “Sacra di San Michele”, stand on the top of Mount Pirchiriano, at the entrance of the Susa Valley.

The abbey was founded in 983 – 987 by Hugon de Montboissier ...

Itinerario 2 - Susa and Novalesa

Leaving Susa, the itinerary will take you through the Cenischia Valley, one of the main historical transit routes across the Alps: this ancient road was used in Middle Ages to reach France through  the Mount Cenis pass.

The Benedictine abbey ...

Itinerario 4 - Montebenedetto and Susa

The former Cathusian monastery of Montebenedetto (1000 m) lays immersed in a beautiful mountain scenery, surrounded by nature’s silent majesty, not far from the village of Villar Focchiardo. The monks of saint Bruno arrived here from the village of Losa ...

Itinerario 5 - The colour of winter

There is a thin common thread that unites the traditional feasts of the Susa Valley: certain actions and gestures that have their roots in ancient pre-Christian rituals related to fertility cults and nature are repeated in the villages of the ...