Via Francigena in Susa Valley

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From Moncenisio and from Monginevro the ancient Route of Europe was passing along the Susa Valley in the direction of the most famous pilgrimage destinations: Rome and Santiago de Compostela. And in Susa Valley the first documented pilgrimage in 333 A.D. tells in detail the stages that brought the anonymous pilgrim from Bordeaux to Jerusalem. monasteries of international renown were built, such as the Abbey of Novalesa and the Sacra di San Michele, other places of worship with a more local feel such as the Cripta di Celle, chapels, as well as town centres home to markets or places of transit and the mandatory tolls such as Susa, Bussoleno, Avigliana and Oulx. It is through this varied and authentic panorama that the route meanders for over 170km with two historical variants, starting from Moncenisio and Monginevro towards the valley floor and on towards Turin: by taking the Via Francigena in the Susa Valley, the many pilgrims and hikers are offered the chance for once again savouring the spirit of this land and for reliving, by means of gentle tourism that revives the spirit, mind and body, a unique cultural mosaic.

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