Shroud images - fresco in the Castle of Villar Dora

Villar Dora

Religious Art

Author: Unknown
Subject: Painting
Subject: Exposition of the Shroud
Chronology: 17th century
Matter and technique: Fresco
Location: Castle of Villar Dora - External wall of Cà Bianca

Short description:
A bishop, placed at the center of the scene, exposes the Shroud helped to support it by four saints, two on the right and two on the left. Due to the bad condition of the painting it is not possible to recognize the figures of the saints.

Historical-artistic notes:
The castle of Villar Dora, on which the fresco is placed, changes numerous owners and undergoes several renovations starting from the fifteenth century. The fresco is located on an external wall of the castle, on a Ca' Bianca, which is also clearly visible from the outside.


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