Shroud images - fresco of the Shroud


Religious Art

Author: Unknown
Subject: Painting
Subject: Shroud
Chronology: Early 17th century
Matter and technique: Fresco
Location: arcades of via Palazzo di Città - Susa

Short description:
Located on the corner end of the arcades of Via Palazzo di Città, this fresco depicts the sacred sheet supported by two cardinals (perhaps the two patrons of the city of Susa, San Giusto and San Mauro?). At the center of the scene is the Virgin wrapped in a heavenly cloak.

Historical-critical notes:
The fresco is heavily damaged and poorly lit, not clearly visible from the ground and difficult to read due to its dark position. However, it is interesting to note the many gilded stucco moldings that frame the painting.

  Via Palazzo di Città, 10059 Susa
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