This alpine fortification unique for its architecture, dominating the town of Exilles from a cliff, was remodeled several times through the centuries. Its current structure dates back to the beginning of XIX century.

An elevator built into the rock in 2011 allows to approach gradually a touching visit full of fascination, through the self-guided visit, also thanks to the installations of the renowned artist Richi Ferrero. Two routes help the visitor discover the monument: a circular route within the stronghold reveals the various building levels; a visit below the imposing and stunningly spectacular roof completes a fascinating itinerary. Stone soldiers, sculptures, images and sounds accompany the visitor along an unexpected journey into the past and into the memory of the mountain soldier: models, drawings and sketches narrate the Fort’s centuries of history in a rigorous yet evocative way.

  Via degli Alpini, Fraz. Planta, 10050 Exilles
tel: 0122/58270

Apertura: sabato 6 Luglio 2019.
Luglio - agosto
tutti i giorni escluso il Lunedì.
Aperto lunedì 12 agosto.
Settembre : apertura sabato e domenica
e gruppi organizzati
in settimana previa prenotazione.

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Il Forte di Exilles