Orsiera Rocciavré Natural Park


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Since January 2012 the Natural Parks of the Avigliana Lakes, Orsiera Rocciavrè, Gran Bosco di Salbertrand and Val Troncea have been unified in  the Protected Areas of the Cottian Alps.

Orsiera Rocciavrè Parks covers an area of approx. 11.000 hectares extending into three valleys: the Susa Valley, the Sangone Valley and the Chisone Valley. The landscape is characterized by numerous glacial lakes, steeps and water sculpted ravines. In the south-eastern section the morphology is harsh and wild with scarce and scrubby vegetation. The Park is home to a large population of mammals typical of alpine habitat such as chamois, red deer and roe deer. Bird lovers will not be certainly disappointed by a visit to the park: over one hundred species of birds, including migratory and over wintering species have been recorded.

The Orsiera Park does not only offer wildlife and beautiful landscapes:  there are as well numerous archaeological traces of human presence dating back to the Neolithic Period.

Unlike many other mountain zones in Piedmont, much of this area has remained off the beaten tracks of mass tourism and still presents a nearly pristine natural habitat, where human activity is limited to agriculture, silviculture and livestock raising.

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