The Nobel Dynamite Company


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The monumental remains of the most important explosives factory in the ‘40s are east of the Mareschi wetland. The main reason of such a dislocation was certainly the presence of hills which could protect the built-up area against the effects of the explosions that could be caused by this dangerous activity. The complex, which is a very interesting example of industrial architecture from the beginning of the last century, was one of the first factories in Avigliana and produced beside explosives, fertilizers, paints and chemicals. During the last World War the area was bombed; the production stopped in mid ’60. The Museum opened in 2002 explains, through information boards along its tunnels and its chambers, the history of this important factory and the daily life of men and women working there. Tools and machinery are shown as well as a reproduction of the packaging room, where mostly women were employed.

  Via Galinier 38, 10051 Avigliana
tel: 0119769117 3711619930 |

Tourist office of Avigliana, corso Laghi 389, tel. 0119311873 - ‚Äč

Visits every second Sunday of the month at 10:30 am.

Cost 5 euros. 

Required reservation by 12 noon on the previous Saturday.

Information and reservations: tel. 0119311873 - 3711619930  -

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  • March 10, 2024 - Nov. 10, 2024: Guided tours to ex dinamitificio Nobel museum in Avigliana